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Truth is, we are all about the food! Our roots are in the Italian kitchen, but since opening in 2011, we have embraced other Mediteranean cultures too - namely Spanish & Moroccan! Our focus though, has & always will be, on what real food has to offer - taste, nutrients, seasonality, and vitality. We make everything from scratch every day.

We try and keep it local - grow it, chop it, cook it, serve it - that's the way we like it here in eno'! In searching for fresh, delicious produce, we have learned that organic isn’t always possible or even optimal. We focus on working with local suppliers & recognize that sometimes farmers have to use certain pesticides and fertilizers to protect their crops and keep their farms running. We cannot source everything locally all year around. We buy what we can get our hands on! Thankfully there is an abundance of great small Irish producers!

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Why We Buy Local

It's simple really...

Local food tastes better

Local food is more nutritious

It supports our local economy

Many Many Health Benefits

Reduces Packaging

Reduces Food Miles

Environmental Benefits

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